He is your Boyfriend.

Did he hurt your feelings?

He has smiled for you.
He has cried for you.
He waits for your call.
He wants to hear your smiley giggles.
He wants to hear your laugh.
He always wants you to take part in the conversation.
He always needs you.
He also has a little heart.
He wants to be the one who will live next fifty, sixty years with you.
He just wants your time and he just wants to talk to you.

He knows you, but not completely. He knows all your secrets. If not, he really wants to know everything about you.

Is that his fault?

Why you want him to reply back with the same words, when you say “Bye” and end a conversation which he never wants to end?

Never mind, it is his fault may be. He is your boyfriend and maybe he got a little heart with so much feelings for you.

Is that a kind of boyfriend she needed?
Let her answer to that. He will wait for it and he has to because he never wants to hurt her feelings over his.

He is your boyfriend. At the end of everything, “He loves you”.

Do you?…..